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Azo dyes in candles are no problem - a candle is no baby toy after all

What is an azo dye?

Azo dyes are the biggest group within the dyes. They are widely used because they are particularly light-fast and stable and have vivid colours. Azo dyes themselves are normally not unhealthy. Some of them can be split into their components in the human body however and some of these so-called aromatic amines can be harmful to health.

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Risks caused by inappropriate candle containers and burners

The suitability of containers and candle holders for the respective type of candle is
most crucial for avoiding fire risks.

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Particle emissions from candles are no health hazard

Just like any other open combustion, candles emit fine particles but
do not pose a health hazard if some rules are respected.

From time to time, the media reports on the high emission of fine particles from candles and the supposed health hazard connected with it. If some basic rules for handling candles are respected, such concerns can be easily dispelled however.

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Recommendation of the European Candle Association for the safety labeling of candles

In Germany, there is currently no legal directive for the labeling of risks especially on candles. More generalized responsibilities for the manufacturers can be found in directive no. 2001/95/EC which, besides other directives and decisions, has been transposed into the German „Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz“ (GPSG, Equipment and Product Safety Act).

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