Economic Data

Industry Report in autumn/winter 2017

Candle consumption continues to rise, manufacturers´ profit continues to go down
Candles with their warm and cosy light are immensely popular with consumers and they consumed more than 740.000 tons last year, which means a continuous increase for the past five years.

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Statistics on candles from 2010 to 2016

Preliminary note:
The following values of goods are not the values actually realized when sold to the end-consumers but the values when sold to the wholesale.

Compared to the already strong previous year, the candle consumption increased significantly again to approx. 741.300 tons in 2016 (+7,1%, +49.200 tons).The value of the consumed candles rose by 2,0% (+36 million EUR) in the same period. This means that each citizen in the European Union consumed an average of 1,45 kg of candles (+6,7%) in 2016, corresponding to a wholesale price of 3,60 EUR (+1,6%).

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